Our Services

Comprehensive Collection Consultants

Alexander Miller and Associates, as one of the best commercial debt collections companies in Houston, we’re committed to offering superb debt collection services to our clients using our thorough investigations and comprehensive methods. With our state-of-the-art technology and continuous training process for our workers, all our investigators are ready and ever willing to overcome any challenge during the course of their duties.  Visit Us on Manta to see our raving reviews and further details of our offerings.

Onsite Investigations

All on-site investigations are conducted and supervised by state-licensed private investigators. The techniques we use include but are not limited to asset liability investigations, records of all liquid assets, and vendor/employee interviews. During investigations, we do not intend to embarrass debtors but to build a sense of urgency that will hasten immediate payment.

Customer Assistance Program (CAP)

AMA’s collection process is designed to rehabilitate our clients’ relationship with their customers and also to render assistance when long standing customers fail to make payments as and when due. Our audit department will contact your late paying customers in a very professional and diplomatic way, and will also explain on your behalf that you are pleased with their business and would like to continue doing business with them. Our experts will make your customers know that they are past due and the remaining balance of their debts needs to be cleared up.

Assisting seafood companies to collect their debt

In the seafood industry debts could rise to the tune of millions of dollars, thereby causing many seafood companies to go insolvent. When this happens it may be very difficult to get those debts paid.

In order to avoid bankruptcy, it’s vital that you have a company by your side to act quickly to resolve outstanding balances. With our debt recovery solutions at Alexander Miller & Associates, actions will be taken immediately and resolutions will happen before the company folds up or even before your debtors run away. See for yourself and see our rating with the Better Business Bureau.

For perishable food receivable collections, think Alexander Miller & Associates.